Parallel Hyper-Parameter Optimization in Python

Tuning the specific hyper-parameters used in many machine learning algorithms is as much of an art as it is a science.

Thankfully, we can use a few tools to increase our ability to do it effectively. One of which is Grid Search, which is the process of creating a "Grid" of possible hyper-parameter values and then testing each possible combination of values via k-folds Cross Validation and choosing the "best" combination based on performance on a user-defined metric such as accuracy, area under the roc curve or sensitivity.

This process is very computationally expensive, especially as the number of hyper-parameters involved increases. We can significantly reduce the time taken to perform grid search by using parallel computing if we have a multi-core CPU or a CPU that supports hyper-threading. The idea of parallel computing is sometimes intimidating to even veteran programmers, thankfully the work of parallel scaling can be done automatically through SK-Learn's GridSearchCV module.

Writing Code

We will use the "digits" dataset and DecisionTreeClassifier from SK-Learn in this example:
Output: 77.9% Accuracy

Not bad, but lets see if tweaking some parameters has any effect.

SK-Learn's Decision Tree Classifier has quite a few hyper-parameters that can be tweaked, lets start by looking at two of them with some possible values:

Description: The function to measure the quality of a split
Possible Values: "Gini", "Entropy"

Max Depth
Description: The maximum depth of the tree. If None, then nodes are expanded until all leaves are pure or until all leaves contain less than min_samples_split samples.
Possible Values: "None", Int (we will consider 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)

(other parameters listed here)

We will create a "parameter grid" as a dictionary of possible values for these hyper-parameters:
Next we will pass the parameter grid to our GridSearchCV function that will automatically run the classifier with each possible combination of parameters:
  0.772 (+/-0.061) for {'criterion': 'gini', 'max_depth': None}
  0.312 (+/-0.027) for {'criterion': 'gini', 'max_depth': 2}
  0.546 (+/-0.075) for {'criterion': 'gini', 'max_depth': 4}
  0.706 (+/-0.089) for {'criterion': 'gini', 'max_depth': 6}
  0.763 (+/-0.104) for {'criterion': 'gini', 'max_depth': 8}
  0.778 (+/-0.080) for {'criterion': 'gini', 'max_depth': 10}
  0.785 (+/-0.035) for {'criterion': 'entropy', 'max_depth': None}
  0.354 (+/-0.012) for {'criterion': 'entropy', 'max_depth': 2}
  0.625 (+/-0.050) for {'criterion': 'entropy', 'max_depth': 4}
  0.763 (+/-0.033) for {'criterion': 'entropy', 'max_depth': 6}
  0.787 (+/-0.043) for {'criterion': 'entropy', 'max_depth': 8}
  0.798 (+/-0.036) for {'criterion': 'entropy', 'max_depth': 10}

As you can see when criterion: 'entropy' and max_depth: '10' we see the highest accuracy (79.8%)

Lets increase the size of our parameter grid:


Now we could run this as is and it would work, however; there are 2 problems with running a grid of this size.

Output size:

This is a 2x7x7x3x4 grid that will result in: 1,176 combinations
Rather than read the entire output results, we will use the "best_score_" and "best_params_" functions:


Running a full 3-fold cross-validation on each of the 1,176 combinations will result in fitting the classifier 3,528 times! This can get seriously slow, so we will set the "n_jobs" field to "-1" which allows grid search to use every available core in parallel to speed up the process:

A quick look at Activity Monitor confirms that the script is running on all available cores:

Running on a quad-core i7 with hyper-threading enabled

Final Output:

It is important to note that we only analyzed a relatively small group of hyper-parameters here, and typically you should spend a significant amount of time tuning your grid to find a truly optimal configuration. Nevertheless we achieved the following results:

Best Score: 
  80.1% Accuracy (+2.2%)
Best Parameters:
  'min_samples_leaf': 1,
  'max_depth': 8,
  'max_features': None, 
  'criterion': 'entropy', 
  'min_samples_split': 2

Source Code:


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